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Conscious choice

A Beautiful Story wants to help make this world a little better. This is why they always think about their impact on the world around us. Sometimes this is a little hard, considering the fact that their products are made in countries halfway around the globe. The jewelry is flown in. Not exactly environmentally friendly…However, their choice is a conscious one.


Their hearts are with the people in developing countries, with those who are tremendously talented and skilled, and for whom the right markets aren’t always available. And so, their focus is on fair trade commerce. They strive to create opportunities for producers in difficult economic situations (read also fair-trade production).

Environmental impact

And at the same time, they make a real effort to find solutions to the other dilemmas that this entails, such as environmental impact.

Made in Nepal

A Beautiful Story is a Dutch jewelry brand. The semi-precious stone jewelry is handcrafted by women in Nepal. This work gives them the chance to take care of their family and be independent.

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