Kuyichi, the pride of being the first brand of eco-friendly and ethical jeans.

Discover a beautiful way to wear denim while respecting your ethical and eco-friendly values. With Kuyichi, the committed clothing brand, you can now maintain your style without compromising on the respect for the planet. Kuyichi offers jeans made with 100% organic or recycled cotton.

But Kuyichi is not just about jeans; it is much more than that. In addition to the diverse jeans collection, Kuyichi provides essential basics that perfectly complement your eco-conscious wardrobe.

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The creation of Kuyichi.

The creation of the Kuyichi brand dates back to 2001 when the NGO Solidaridad decided to take action against the precarious living conditions of cotton producers observed in 1998 during a trip to Peru. With experience in supporting agricultural producers, the NGO decided that it was time to initiate a radical change in the textile industry. Unfortunately, their call was not heeded, prompting Solidaridad to take matters into their own hands and create their brand, Kuyichi. Aware of the problematic environmental impact of denim, Kuyichi decided to use only 100% organic or recycled cotton and adhere to ethical and fair labor standards throughout all production stages. Kuyichi is very proud to be the first brand to focus on creating environmentally friendly jeans.

The name "Kuyichi" is the name of the Peruvian god of the rainbow, and its logo is round like the representative shape of the world, with a plus sign to indicate the brand's positivity.

Kuyichi - the brand that focuses on denim.

Denim, an essential piece in our wardrobe, is appreciated by both men and women. We all have at least one pair of jeans in our closet. However, what many are unaware of is that the production of regular jeans requires a significant amount of water and generates considerable pollution. Kuyichi has focused on creating "Pure Goods" denim, allowing you to wear your favorite piece while staying true to your social and environmental values.

Kuyichi - eco-friendly and innovative materials.

Kuyichi aims to offer jeans that reflect their ethical values and commitment to sustainability. That's why they exclusively use organic cotton and recycled cotton for their jeans' production.

In addition to the ethical choice for cotton, Kuyichi has incorporated innovative materials to provide an experience of absolute comfort. Tencel, recycled polyester, and elastane give their jeans collection unparalleled flexibility and comfort.

Not just denim but also eco-friendly basics.

Thanks to the Kuyichi brand, you can complement your most casual denim outfits with their timeless and super-comfortable collection of basics. Subtle colors and sustainable materials such as linen, organic cotton, and Tencel ensure absolute comfort and a modern, casual style.

Kuyichi - the transparency necessary for trust.

In the fashion industry, transparency often remains an exception. Kuyichi stands out for its commitment to openly share its sourcing and production practices.

Kuyichi has carefully chosen partners who share their ethical values and are determined to create environmentally friendly fashion while respecting workers' rights.

Thanks to Kuyichi, you can make an informed and conscious choice for a more respectful fashion.

Find the essential foundation for your eco-conscious wardrobe at Kuyichi.

L'Envol du Colibri relies on the Kuyichi brand to help you build the foundation of your environmentally friendly and ethical wardrobe. Basics and jeans are often the starting point for building or enhancing a sustainable wardrobe.

By choosing Kuyichi, you are adopting more than just clothing. You are choosing authenticity, quality, and a lifestyle that protects our fabulous planet.

At L'Envol du Colibri, we are proud to accompany you on your journey toward an eco-conscious wardrobe. Come discover our world in our store in the heart of charming "old Namur."

Of course, our website is also available for your responsible and ethical purchases.

For questions or additional information, our contact form is at your disposal.

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