Munio Candela – When you rise – Refill Mini Candle 350ml


100% natural soy wax candle

Fragrance : “When you rise”

“When you rise” is a really special blend with the purest possible dreamy essential oils.
Orange – Sweet-smelling citrus oil is reviving and uplifting, enhancing feelings of wellbeing. Facilitates & helps as an antidepressant.
Lemon – A cheerful and fresh scent, lemon is great for busy days when you need mental focus and positivity. Stimulates the senses and clears the mind.
Basil – Mental clarity & brain balancing on all levels. Its crisp scent clears and refreshes the mind and helps calm anxiety.

Dimensions : Ø 8,3cm x H 7,5cm
Volume : 350 ml / Burn time : 30h

Handmade in Latvia

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Leva Dexter and Elina Cima created the Munio Candela brand and their first candle collection in 2008.

In Latin, Munio Candela means “the most spiritually powerful candle”. Every candle is carefully and lovingly made by hand using only 100% natural soy wax and fragrances. Northern nature is captured in Munio Candela candles nurtured by Latvian master craftsmen…Read more

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