A Beautiful Story – Dedicated Blue Lace Agate Gold Colored Ring


This Dedicated Blue Lace Agate Gold Colored Ring of A Beautiful Story is made of gold filled beads and features multiple small blue lace agate gemstones. The inner size of the elastic ring is 1,6-1,8 centimeters.

Blue lace agate its calm and gentle energy is like a soothing balm for the soul. It helps to express your true emotions, and in making you feel more understood. An offering of peace is what this crystal brings.

Gemstones are created by nature. Every gemstone is unique. That’s why the color of your piece of jewelry may look slightly different from the picture.

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A Beautiful Story wants to help make this world a little better. This is why they always think about their impact on the world around us. Sometimes this is a little hard, considering the fact that their products are made in countries halfway around the globe…Read more