100% natural hemp bags, purses and accessories

BHANGARA revisits classic backpacks, shoulder bags, handbags, tote bags and accessories to transform them into responsible fashion items. Made from 100% natural hemp, BHANGARA products are contemporary, durable and designed to last. Whatever the style, the range offered by BHANGARA will please a colorful or neutral, urban or ethnic, timeless or trendy look.

BHANGARA is committed to responsible production and focuses its mission on three aspects: human, ecological and solidarity.


An ethical brand, BHANGARA transforms traditional Nepalese hemp fabrics into colorful and bright bags and accessories in a fair trade approach. The cultivation and textile use of hemp in Nepal is a tradition that goes back several millennia. In remote areas of the Himalayas, many Nepalese make their living by processing hemp. As for the garment industry, BHANGARA works with a workshop that accompanies and trains women in socially precarious situations to help them become economically independent. A second workshop employs men between 40 and 60 years old. The articles assembled by these peerless weavers and seamstresses are truly unique works of art. The icing on the cake: the labels on our bags are handmade and screen-printed on lokta paper, the traditional Nepalese paper.


BHANGARA bags and accessories are made of 100% natural hemp. Totally biodegradable and recyclable, hemp fibre is environmentally friendly. The hemp used for BHANGARA bags comes from the mountains of western Nepal, where hemp also grows wild and is therefore adapted to the temperature and rainfall conditions of this climatic zone. In addition, it has excellent natural resistance to pests, which means that pesticides are not needed and that the crop is completely natural. Its rapid growth also suppresses weeds, making it a natural soil cleaner.


The many economic and social needs in Nepal have increased following the 2015 earthquake. Within the shattered families, children remain the main victims. BHANGARA wants to contribute to rebuild the future of these isolated children by donating 5% of its profits to the international NGO SOS Children’s Villages Nepal. This organisation works to ensure their education and well-being, to rebuild a family unit that gives the child love, respect and security and to maintain their existing family ties.

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